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We appreciate what people say about our Eau Claire nursing home and why they feel they made the right choice.

"I attended rehab at Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire after knee replacement. Recovery went faster than expected due to the excellent care I received from the nursing staff and physical therapist. The warm, pleasant surroundings all contributed to healing."
—Kathy Oelschlager

"I was prescribed therapy to build up strength in my right leg prior to scheduled knee replacement. My treatment was 45 minutes in water therapy and up to 20 minutes on the Nu-Step machine. After 10 sessions paid by Medicare, I opted to privately pay for 10 additional session of water therapy with Jeff Sauter. The additional sessions strengthened my legs, my core muscles and improved my balance. The amazing results was that it improved my back so much that I no longer have pain requiring medication. My back pain has required injections by the Pain Clinic for the past two years to control severe back pain. I have highly praised the results to everyone I know who has severe back pain."
—Henrietta Dickerson

"I have used the pool at Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire for rehabilitation after a lower leg amputation and in an attempt to assist and improve my mobility, balance and endurance. I've had approximately seven sessions in the last month and have noticed a substantial improvement in balance and flexibility. I am able to stand without discomfort and without aides or support."
—Carl Bahnson

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Angela Hite
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Angela Hite
Community Relations Director
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