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Wound Care

Your comfort is our primary concern.

With extensive experience in treating and preventing wounds, your care team of highly skilled nursing professionals in the skilled nursing facility works diligently to help you heal. Rest comfortably knowing we use the most advanced methods to treat and prevent wounds.

The wound care team in the skilled nursing facility assists with care relating to:

  • Wound CarePost Surgical Wounds
  • Pressure and Diabetic Ulcers
  • Lymph Edema
  • Circulation-Related Wounds
  • Wound Vacs
  • Wounds Complicated by Poor Circulation, Diabetes, Cancer, Vascular Disorders, and Other Conditions
  • Slow Healing or Chronic Wounds
  • Chronic Inflammation

Receive effective wound care.

Prevention, early detection, and effective intervention are key to wound care. When you meet with your care team to determine your care plan, we evaluate any wounds you may have or may be at-risk of acquiring.

Your wounds are monitored daily during your routine cares. Your nurse will alert your care team of any early signs of skin changes to the wound or any areas where a wound is prone to develop. By detecting a wound early, we are able to implement interventions.

The latest pressure reduction support surfaces are used to prevent and treat wounds caused from immobility. We also use highly effective dressings for different stages of the healing process, as well as negative pressure wound therapy, topical therapy, wound bed preparation, debridement applications, and nutritional supplements.

Regular wound care rounds ensure you receive a powerful treatment plan that is constantly adjusted according to your comfort and healing.

Expert Wound Care Team

Receive the highest standard of wound care available to ensure maximum healing potential is obtained. Our experienced and specialized wound care interdisciplinary team consists of a certified wound specialist; dietitian; nutritional services director; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; staff nurses; and certified nursing assistants.

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Ashley Saucedo
For more information, contact:

Ashley Saucedo, RN
Director of Nursing, 2019

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